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Natasha Matson Fife

Inducted 2006

Natasha Matson Fife

Inducted – 2006

Natasha Matson Fife was not only the most dominant female golfer in Kansas during the post-World War II era, but was also a person who held the game up to its highest standards. Fife was a five-time Kansas Women’s Golf Association (KWGA) Amateur champion and seven-time KWGA Senior Amateur champ. She ranked in the top 10 nationally in both USGA Senior Amateurs and Women’s Amateurs and also won the Wichita Women’s Amateur seven times. Fife won the prestigious Broadmoor Amateur title three times and finished second twice. She walked away from the game she loved in 1963 to raise a family and didn’t play again for 10 years. Fife was named the Women’s Athletic Director at Wichita State in 1971 and held that position for 13 years. She worked in the Wichita State physical education department from 1959-98. She continues to pass on her influence of the game by serving as a rules official at tournaments throughout the state of Kansas. Many believe that Fife’s passion for the game has influenced countless people, both young and old, to take up the game of golf. She has a scholarship named in her honor, which is presented each year by the Kansas Women’s Golf Association to a female high school golfer, who is a Kansas native. Fife was inducted into the Kansas Golf Hall of Fame in 1993 and was honored by Winfield High School in 2003 as a Top 10 All-Time Outstanding Athlete. Born: August 19, 1936 – Wichita, KS. Graduated: Winfield High School, 1954; Texas Women’s University, 1958; MS - Wichita State University, 1967.

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