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KSHOF Nomination Criteria

To be placed on the KSHOF Ballot, nominees must accomplish all of the following:
  1. Meet the criteria for Kansas ties as outlined below.

  2. Meet the criteria for waiting period as outlined below.

  3. If being nominated for excellence at the college level, nominee must be an inductee of their own college or university hall of fame or have their jersey retired. Note: this may be waved if the nominee's school does not have a hall of fame or jersey retirement program. ​

Kansas Ties


  1. Born in Kansas.

  2. Maintained residence in Kansas a minimum of two years prior to retirement.

  3. Graduated from a Kansas high school and competed a minimum of two years while attending that school.

  4. Competed for a Kansas junior college, college, and/or university a minimum of two years.

  5. Competed professionally while living in Kansas a minimum of five years. 



  1. Born in Kansas AND lived in Kansas a minimum of five years.

  2. Graduated from a Kansas high school or college AND attended a minimum of two years combined at a Kansas high school or college.

  3. Coached at a Kansas high school a minimum of TEN years as Head Coach.

  4. Coached at a Kansas college, university, or junior college, a minimum of five years as Head Coach.

  5. Coached professionally while maintaining permanent residence in Kansas a minimum of five years.

Waiting Period
  1. Nominees are eligible five years after graduation from high school AND immediately after retiring or ending competitive participation. 

  2. Active coaches and athletes are NOT eligible for nomination.

  3. Active KSHOF Trustees, Directors, Staff, and members of their immediate family (parent, grandparent, spouse, child, grandchild, sibling) are NOT eligible for nomination but may be inducted if nominated prior to beginning Board service. 

Documentation Request

In 100 words or less, please provide a brief statement outlining the most significant honors and accomplishments of the nominee in the form below. 

About the Nomination Process

Once received, your nomination will be placed in the nomination file for the next KSHOF ballot. Ballots received before March 1 will be placed on the ballot for that calendar year. Ballots received after March 1 will be rolled over to the following year ballot. Nominees will be examined during the month of March as the ballot is put together by KSHOF staff. If further information is required about your nominee, KSHOF staff will reach out to the nominee sponsor listed below. Nominees that do not qualify for the ballot per the criteria listed above will be removed from the ballot process. Once the ballot is finalized, the ballot will be sent to the KSHOF Voting Committee. Voters will return their ballot and results will be presented to the KSHOF Board of Trustees and Directors to finalize the induction class for that year. Nominees that have been selected for induction will be contacted by the KSHOF directly. Nominees that are not selected have two options for future consideration:

  1. Nominees that finished in the top half of the ballot that are not selected for induction will be automatically re-nominated for the following year's ballot.

  2. Nominees that finish in the bottom half of the ballot will be placed on a one-year probation period. The nominee will be eligible for re-nomination on March 2 of the following year for inclusion on the next year's ballot. 

For further information, please contact the KSHOF at ​

KSHOF Inductee Nomination Form
Is nominee inducted in school's hall of fame?

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