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Fred Etchen

Inducted 1961

Fred Etchen

Charter Inductee – 1961

One of the top trapshooters in United States history, Coffeyvillle’s Fred Etchen was captain of the gold medal-winning 1924 Olympic trapshooting team in Paris, winner of Kansas Trapshooting championships eight times in singles and 11 times in doubles and was a 10- time champion in All-Around and High-Over-All divisions. Etchen won the 1932 International Championship as well as the North American Doubles Championship in 1938. He posted a perfect score (200 X 200) at the 1942 British Open Championship. For a number of years, Etchen held the world record for 95 straight flyers and is a three-time winner of the United States Flyer Championship. Born September 28, 1884 - Coffeyville, Kansas. Died November 6, 1961 - Phoenix, Arizona.

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