Kansas Sports Hall of Fame
Wichita Boathouse
515 S. Wichita, Wichita KS 67202
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Kansas Sports Hall of Fame


Mission:  To Honor .... Educate .... Inspire

Founded in 1961 by the Legislature as a part of the Kansas Centennial celebration, the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame mission is, "To honor those that significantly contributed to the history of sports in Kansas and to educate and inspire the public regarding the value of athletics and Kansas athletic history by providing the requisite leadership and resources." Each year, the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame conducts its annual induction ceremony at the Wichita Boathouse where honorees, families, fans and the public gather to honor the incoming class. The Kansas Sports Hall of Fame also conducts the "Pride of Kansas" awards program which recognizes outstanding achievement by Kansas coaches, athletes, contributors and teams in individual ceremonies held year-round throughout the state. Next to induction, the Pride of Kansas Award is the highest honor given by the KSHOF.  

Youth Programs To Educate and Inspire

The mission of the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame to educate and inspire the youth of Kansas is accomplished through the hosting of and participating in numerous events held throughout the year. Many programs include youth interacting with KSHOF inductees and other outstanding sports figures. Activities and educational materials are an important part of the Hall of Fame's mission to educate and inspire. Partnerships with other youth organizations, such as the Wichita Wingnuts, provide an exciting platform for the Hall of Fame to reach the youth of the state. 

Historic Wichita Boathouse - Headquarters of the Hall of Fame

Headquartered in the historic Wichita Boathouse in downtown Wichita, the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame is the state's center for honoring greatness in athletes, coaches and teams and for preserving the state's rich sports history and record performances. The Boathouse is also a popular venue rented for private parties, weddings, business meetings and training seminars, watch parties, small trade shows, and press conferences. First floor exhibits include the official portraits of all of the enshrinees in the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame and displays featuring historic Kansas artifacts. The Kansas Sports Hall of Fame's  "Walk of Fame" featuring commemorative pavers at the front entrance to the Boathouse is planned for installation during the summer of 2013. Situated on the grounds outside the Boathouse is the Jayhawk yacht, one of the yachts utilized by Bill Koch and his America3 team which won the America's Cup race in 1992.

Official Kansas High School State Records

The Kansas Sports Hall of Fame maintains the official Kansas high school all-time state records and state championship results. Recognized as the official standard by the KSHSAA and the media, state records maintained include top performances for teams, athletes, and coaches as well as a compilation of every state champion crowned in every sport by the KSHSAA. 

Looking To the Future

Special events, inductions, Pride of Kansas awards ceremonies and youth programs are all integral parts of the initiatives aimed at providing statewide educational outreach programs. The Kansas Sports Hall of Fame is operated by a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation under the governance of a Governor-appointed Board of Trustees.

Upcoming Events at the KSHOF