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Anna Seaton Huntington

Inducted 2010

Inducted - 2010
It’s impressive enough to compete at the highest level in one sport, but Manhattan native Anna Seaton Huntington excelled in two. She was a member of America3, the first women’s team to sail for the America’s Cup in 1995. Huntington also competed in the Olympic Games in 1988 and 1992 in the sport of rowing. During the 1992 Games in Barcelona, Spain, she won a bronze medal in the women’s pairs division. Four years earlier in Seoul, South Korea, Huntington was a member of the U.S. Olympic Eight rowing team. She also won four silver medals (1987-91) at the World Rowing Championships. Huntington was a member of the America3 sail boat organized and funded by Wichita native and fellow Kansas Sports Hall of Fame inductee Bill Koch, which narrowly missed representing the United States in the America’s Cup finals. Huntington began rowing competitively as a sophomore at Harvard University and capped her career with the bronze medal in the 1992 Olympics. In between, she won 14 national championships and was named co-athlete of the year by the U.S. Rowing Association in 1990. Huntington was also a pioneer and advocate for women’s sports. Her writings and journalistic coverage encouraged and informed a generation of girls and women to participate fully in athletics. Inducted into the Harvard Varsity Club Hall of Fame in 2006. Born: February 12, 1964 – Topeka, Kansas. Graduated: Manhattan High School, 1982; Harvard University, 1986; M.S., Columbia University, 1996.

Anna Seaton Huntington
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