Demo Slide Show

About Slide Shows and Image Galleries

{besps}demoslides{/besps} The slideshows and image galleries are very easy to put together and designed to be as user-friendly as possible. In the backend (sometimes called administrative side) of your website you can upload files to a folder for each gallery/slideshow. All you have to do then is provide a tiny bit of code inside articles to invoke the gallery/slideshow plugin. The plugin will then automatically configure the images to display correctly.

Keeping Slide Shows and Galleries Web-Friendly

Avoid uploading large images. By large we are referring to both physical and dimensional size. The largest image in terms of physical size should be no more than 85 kb, with most images being less than 40 kb. To put this in perspective, the images you pull directly from a modern digital camera are about 6-12 MB or 6144-12288 kb. This is around 300 times larger than optimal web size. Dimension size for width and height should be around 200-500 pixels.

Resizing Images

There are many solutions for resizing your photos. Photoshop is often overkill, as well as economically unreasonable, for such a simple task. For most users we recommend the following software to resize images:

  • Photoshop Elements (simpler, cheaper version of Photoshop)
  • Picture Manager (Windows)
  • iPhoto (Mac)